Henry Banda forces Eco-Bank to open illegal account for Ventriglia mafia

Henry Banda forces Eco-Bank to open illegal account for Ventriglia mafia

Henry  Banda is wanted by police in Zambia

Henry Banda is wanted by police in Zambia. His father is facing criminal charges in court

Henry Banda, who is wanted in Zambia for hardcore and grand corruption is back at the centre of criminality and dubious dealings.

This time around, Henry Banda who is also a son of Rupiah Banda is reported to be back to collaboration with the notorious Ventriglia family.

Henry Banda, one of the two sons of Rupiah Banda with shares in Eco-Bank is believed to have prevailed over the bank and pushed them to disregard a court order that prohibited the Ventriglias from masquerading as directors of Zambezi Portland Cement.

The Watchdog understands that Banda’s son conspired with the Bank to ignore the injunctive order of March 27th 2014 and decided to open a purported Zambezi Portland Cement account with the Ventriglias as signatories to the same.

When the Watchdog phoned Henry Banda on his mobile number +27722091556 in South Africa where he is hiding, he rudely cut the line after insulting the caller.

The major purpose of the new account at Eco-Bank is to facilitate the heavy looting currently obtaining at Zambezi Portland Cement by Italian Mafias.

‘Eco-Bank’s decision to join the matrix of criminality perpetrated by the Ventriglias in the republic of Zambia is likely to open a Pandora box about the levels of credibility and professionalism at the bank. Eco-Bank is now open to in-depth scrutiny regarding the many other dealings that they are engaging in,’ said a source familiar with Eco- Bank operations.

With the help of Rupiah Banda, the Ventriliglia family early this week took over Zambezi Portland by force ignoring a court injunction. The Ventriliglias are minority shareholders in Zambezi Portland but due to greediness and Mafia mentality have brought in politicians to hound out the majority shareholders.

‘Individuals and organisations must be careful and avoid entering into contracts with the Ventriliglia family over Zambezi Portland because they will soon find themselves at the center of litigation and thereby lose money,’ said another source.

This is the second time the Ventrilglias have staged a ‘coup’ at Zambezi Portland. The first time was in 2009 just after Rupiah Banda became president.

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