Henry Banda refuses to pay Lifwekelo for ‘mercenary’ work

Henry Banda refuses to pay Lifwekelo for ‘mercenary’ work

Henry Banda with Maureen Mwanawasa

EDWIN Lifwekelo, the incessant cash-for- statements mercenary has drawn the anger of Rupiah Banda’s son, Henry, who refused to honour three bills the man tendered for a youth rally in Chibolya township last week, according to information published by the Patriotic Front.

Lifwekelo annoyed Henry when he demanded payment of K14 million as “a refund for the personal cash” he spent on organisation of the rally aimed at capturing the pro-PF youth vote in Lusaka.

But Henry referred the man to Muhabi Lungu, a member of the presidential campaign committee, who also spoke at the same rally.

When Lifwekelo insisted that the national campaign committee had assured him that Henry will pay him together with musicians hired to woo onlookers with entertainment beats, Henry lost his cool and told Lifwekelo that he felt the bills had been exaggerated.

Henry then flatly refused to honour the bills because he had personally paid the other “NGOs” led by Gregory Chifire, Kelvin Sampa and Thabo Kawana and so there was no way he would refund any more dubious claims.

The matter was taken to the overall national campaign chairperson, Boniface Kawimbe, who at 12:hours yesterday conferred with party spokesperson Dora Siliya. Lifwekelo lobbied her to “see if she can get him even half of the total bills accrued.”

Lifwekelo is an incessant political mercenary who milks troubled politicians with promises that he was going to issue statements that state newspaper will carry to repair help repair their damaged reputations. In some cases he endorses whatever the MMD says as long as he has been paid to speak.

On July 5 this year, Lifwekelo differed with another mercenary Edward Mumbi who he accused of personalising the K20 million that George Kunda had released to the groups to scandalise the PF general conference.

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