Henry Banda sighted in Jo’burg

FORMER President Rupiah Banda’s son, Henry, whom police have placed on the top “wanted list”, was on Monday afternoon spotted driving a Cayenne GTS in the up-market Sandton area of Johannesburg, eyewitnesses have told the Daily Mail.
“We saw him sitting on the passenger side in a Porsche Cayenne GTS registration number ABX 9055 which bore Zambia’s court of arms,”  one eyewitness said. “He appeared as if it was business as usual as a woman, who looked like his wife, drove the car.”
The Daily Mail has established that the car spotted in Sandton is registered with Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) in Henry’s name, but the organisation’s executive director Paul Mwalusaka declined to give the newspaper the official documentation, saying the normal procedure would be for the newspaper to obtain a “court order” to compel him to release the registration details of the car.
The vehicle is in the name of Henry Chikomene Banda, of plot number 2397 Longolongo Road near the Daily Mail head office in Lusaka.
An on-line search with the car dealership that sells the luxury car places the value of a top range 2011 version of the Cayenne registered in Henry’s name, at about US$100,000 or K500 million for one with most of the accessories, but the price could rise depending on the accessories.
Dr Martin Malama, who has confirmed a “call-out” on Henry, wanted for his part in the multi-billion Kwacha “single-sourcing” of RP Capital, the company that under-valued a wireless phone company in Zambia, referred queries to his police spokesperson Elizabeth Kanjela.
Ms Kanjela, an assistant commissioner of police, said: “We are still investigating this matter and I am unable to give you a comment right now, without jeopardising investigations on how far we have gone but investigations are still ongoing.”
Rae Hamoonga, who sometimes speaks on behalf of the police service, in December told the Daily Mail that the police were seeking the “public’s” assistance to find Henry, who has not responded to a call-out, but said no prize had been placed on Henry’s head.
Police have not said how they will use the latest information that officially places Henry in Johannesburg based on eyewitness accounts.
Cabinet is yet to make a decision on RP Capital’s involvement in the sale of the wireless phone company, which has sucked in former Transport and Communications Minister Dora Siliya.

Daily Mail

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