Henry Kapoko’s cases finally resume

THE Lusaka Magistrates’ Court has heard that the Ministry of Health paid over K4 billion to the Royal College of Business and Management for goods or services that were not provided or delivered.
This came to light yesterday when a witness Masiye Banda, an auditor from the Auditor General’s Office, who conducted a forensic audit at the Ministry of Health, told the court that the money amounting to K4,358,733,500 was fraudulently paid to the college.
This is in a matter in which former Ministry of Health human resource officer Henry Kapoko has been jointly charged with eight others for fraudulently obtaining money from the ministry amounting to K6.8 billion.
The matter was before Magistrate Sharon Newa.
Mr Banda said the Royal College of Business and Management was contracted by the Ministry of Health without following tender procedure and that the institution could not provide the services for which the money was paid.
“The service was not provided by the college and there was no evidence to suggest or show that the money was paid back,” he said.
Mr Banda said when contacted, the college said the money was paid back the through Kapoko but that there was no documentation to support the claim.
He told the court that his examination revealed that funds had been paid from a donor funded account to the college but no services were provided.
Mr Banda said the money was paid out fraudulently by those who authorised the payments, in collaboration with the college.
He said there was no supporting evidence to show that the college paid back the money to the ministry or that Kapoko had received the money on behalf of the ministry.
Mr Banda revealed that the helter accounts and tender documents which are currently in the custody of the Anti-Corruption Commission, showed that money amounting to K856, 691, 500 was paid on March 25, 2008 and was authorised by Kahoma and Sichone.
He said K542,250,000 was also paid to the same college and was authorised by Kaoma and Peleti on February 4, 2008.
The college further received K756,655,900 on November 17, 2008 while K350, 750, 000 was paid on December 4, 2008.
A final payment of K299,434,000 was made on December 11, 2008, bringing the total amount to K4,358,733,500.
Mr Banda said the persons who authorised the payments and the college should be held accountable for loss of the money.
He said the lack of supporting documents also suggests that the money was fraudulently paid out.
Those arrested with Kapoko are Algonquin Management Consultancy director Naomi Chawinga and shareholder of the same company Masuzyo Chawinga, Ministry of Health director of health policy Chrispine Sichone and former principle accountant Roy Maswenyeho.
Others are senior accountant Vincent Luhana and former Ministry of Health chief accountant, now an officer at the Accountant General’s Office, Evaristo Musaba.
Ministry of Health assistant director of administration Nobert Peleti and acting principle accountant at the same ministry, Kaoma Musonda, are also among the people who were arrested with Kapoko.

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