Henry Kapoko’s court cases suddenly stop moving

Henry Kapoko’s  court cases suddenly stop moving

Henry Kapoko

It has been seven months now from the last time Henry Kapoko appeared in court.

The last time he went to court was a few weeks after the Patriotic Front Government won elections.

Is it a coincidence? Maybe. But he is certainly not in custody. There were rumours at the time Kapoko was arrested that he was one of the major sponsors of the PF, then an opposition political party.

It maybe a good coincidence if one remembers that president Michael Sata even tried to appoint Dr. Simon Miti as his envoy to some Europeans country. Dr. Miti was at the centre of the theft that took place at the ministry of Health of which Kapoko stands accused of stealing more than K10 billion. Donors has even withdrawn funding from Zambia because of these plunders.

If you have forgotten, Henry Kapoko was upto 2009 Human Resource Manager at the Ministry of Health.

He became infamous in May 2009 when the the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) unearthed a scam in which over K10 billion from the ministry of health was misappropriated.

The commission said the money was misappropriated by some health officials.

The commission also seized twelve vehicles, an executive lodge, two houses and another building under construction in Lusaka.

Among the seized vehicles was a hammer H3, X5 BMW, two Mercedes Benz cars, two Lexus cars, a 30 tonne Nissan UGI tipper truck and a Mitsubishi challenger.

A ford ranger and Mazda pick up van have were also seized.

Two days later, Henry Kapoko was arrested and had been going to court until sometime in November last year when  his cases just stopped moving.

The last time Kapoko’s matters were heard was on November 11, 2011 when he was re-arrested on fresh charges.

This time, he  was charged with two counts of abuse of office and one count of theft by public servant amounting to one point two billion kwacha.

He was also charged with three counts of money laundering involving a house in Lusaka’s Olympia Park and Best Home lodge.

He was arrested together  with his co-accused Norbert Peleti an Assistant Director of Administration at the Ministry of Health.

Then Police Spokesperson Ndandula Siamama said Kapoko and Peleti were in police custody and would appear in court soon.

They never appeared in court but they are also not in police custody.

When the cases were still moving in court, a witness told the Lusaka Magistrate Court that the Ministry of Health paid its former human resources officer Henry Kapoko over K200 million for a workshop which did not take place.

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