Henry’s lawyers call Sata a tyranny on SAFM

Robert Amsterdam, the International Lawyer representing former president Ruppiah Banda son Henry Banda has once more denounced the dictatorial tendencies of the current PF government in Zambia and president Michael Sata.

Featuring on South Africa’s SAFM radio this morning also available on satellite, Amsterdam of Amsterdam and Peroff LLP said the politically driven allegations against Henry which seem to change on a daily basis have continued to deteriorate even before charges are laid on him.

This is despite repeated requests for details charges adding that this is now being seen by the public as part of a political witch hunt conducted with the aim of destroying the MMD and other prominent figures in Zambia.

He alleged that Henry has been subjected to trial by the state through media propaganda as evidenced by the failure by the Zambian authorities to lay charges on his client.

Amstardam also told South Africans and world listerners on satellite to just read the Zambianwatchdog as proof of the tyranny rule of president Sata who he accused of persecuting opposition politicians in Zambia.

“Just read the Zambianwatchdog and see how oppressive and tyranny the Zambian regime is,” Amstardam said

Mr. Amstardam likened president Sata to the Zimbabwean tyrant Robbert Mugabe.

He also accused the Zambian government of massive interference into the judiciary claiming his client would never receive a fair hearing in the Zambian judicial system.

He urged the South African government to take interest in what was happening in Zambia.


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