Here are details Kambwili left out on digital migration $200m scandal

Here are details Kambwili left out on digital migration $200m scandal

We told you yesterday that Chishimba Kambwili’s expulsion may be a blessing in disguise. We said it can help us solve a number of unsolved puzzles.

True to our words Kambwili has started giving us clues. As we await his response on the Kitwe Freedom Park Mall and Napsa corruption, Kambwili was last night on special assignment on Muvi TV and talked about Digital Migration. Yaba Wabomba Mudala (Job well done big). We have been looking for this clue. We are aware that the digital migration programme started under the MMD government of the corrupt Rupiah Banda.

Though Rupiah Banda was corrupt, he used to leave some of the tasks to professionals or what we can call technocrats. This is the reason why under MMD even if the chaps were stealing, disposable income was available because institutions that mattered to the economy were left to be run by professionals unlike the case now where important institutions are run by cadres. The committee comprised among other people Mr. Lowani Soko who was Director at Communication and Patrick Mutumushi who was Director for Technical at Zicta and currently Zicta Acting Director General. At this time there were a number of conferences world wide organised by the International Communications Union to help developing countries like Zambia to prepare for digital migration. As usual with African governments, that committee was disbanded by Late President Michael Sata. As you may all be honestly aware that Sata had very few educated PF members when he came to power. At one time he even said his Ministers were useless. When Sata disbanded this committee of technocrats, he had problems replacing them. He had no option but to bring on board cadres like Mr. Musonda Mpakata the current Zicta board Chairperson to drive the digital migration agenda. This is the time we had people like Frank Bwalya as Zesco Board Chairperson and that DJ by the name of Charlie Sex Mubanga as board members. Mpakata can not even write the word ‘migration’.

As usual PF cadres hijacked this programme and brought in a number of Chinese companies to solicit for this business before it was even advertised.

However, a problem arose where Dead NBC (ZNBC) wanted to be the only carrier of carriers of digital migration but others argued and asked for digital migration not to be monopolised. This group was headed by Late Francis Chapota owner of Mobi TV now Diamond TV. Yes Diamond TV was Mobi. It has been bought by Lusaka Businessman and Edgar Lungu’s associate Bokani Soko. The aim is to counter Muvi TV.

So when this problem arose on whether that government broadcasting pitlatrine called ZNBC should monopolise the rolling out of digital migration, a Chinese Company called ZTE approached Mulenga Sata to do a joint venture. ZTE wanted to use Mulenga Sata’s standing as President Sata’s son. Locally ZTE partnered with a Zambian Company called Stalwart Engineering. This Kitwe based Company is owned by the Mpundu brothers. It is next to Kitwe Main Bus Station (KMB). The owners are Mr. Chris Mpundu and Derrick Mpundu. Chris Mpundu once served as Nkana Football Club Chairman and ownes Spa Bakery in Kitwe’s Chimwemwe township and Kitwe town near the Euro bus Station. He also ownes the building just opposite Salvation Army Church in Kitwe Town Centre near Shoprite. Derrick is also a businessman who when the mines were not doing well migrated to Lusaka. Their Kitwe based company mainly survives on contracts from the mines. Derrick’s office is in Northmead in Lusaka.

Mulenga and ZTE could not pull this deal becauase Sata told the Son to back off . He was annoyed with ZTE because the company had done a shoddy job when it was given a tender to put communication towers on Chief’s palaces under a Zicta programme called Universal Access to communication.

Then Michael Sata died.

Fortunately for the Mpundu brothers the person who people claimed was”annointed” to take over from him was their former neighbour in Chimwemwe. This person happens to be Edgar Chagwa Lungu. This is how the Mpundu’s contributed resources to Lungu’s campaigns. When Lungu became President the Mpundu’s approached Chagwa for the digital migration deal. Chagwa told them to go ahead. Derrick Mpundu was issued with a Diplomatic Passport and travelled to China. In China instead of ZTE, Mpundu contacted Star Times. Mulenga Sata was now irrelevant after all the father is dead. Aha how evil people can be. Anyway whilst in China arrangements were made for a government delegation headed by Edgar Lungu to visit Star Times China. Before Edgar Lungu travelled Amos Malupenga then as Permanent Secretary for Information Ministry travelled where it is reported he received huge sums of money. Later Lungu travelled. When he came back Dead NBC ( ZNBC) was chosen as carrier of carriers and a deal was signed between the two entities and a company was formed called Topstar to do digital migration. Topstar is at Goldman Building next to Arcades Puma Filling Station. Now Kambwili says to digitalise four provinces it only costs USS9 million but Topstar has charged the Zambian government USS200 million for six provinces. Where is the rest of the money going? Ask Kambwili. Yaba. He has helped us solve another puzzle.

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