Here are some of the UPND youths that police will accuse of burning city markert

Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja yesterday said police have arrested 11 people in connection with the burning of city market.

Strangely, Kakoma did not mention the names of the suspects except to boast that now police had powers to detain suspects for as long as they wish.

Normally, Whenever the police arrest someone, they give full names, residential address and suspected offence. Then they say will appear in court soon. But not on city market fires, maybe it’s part of state of emergency measures.

But the Watchdog has learnt that the police went to Livingstone and arrested vocal UPND youths and took them to to Lusaka. These are the people the police will parade as city market arsonists. The truth however seems to be that the market was torched by PF cadres who were fighting over party issues.

Here are some of the names of the people who were arrested from Livingstone two days ago and incarcerated in various Lusaka jails:
1.Wanda Nakazuka

2.James Hambulo


4.Joseph(this one is an army officer who was arrested together with a UPND youth who was found near shoprite)

5.Levy chitoma.

1.Kataya chihinga(held at Lusaka  central police station)
2.Mainza(woodlands police station)
3.Chileshe mulenga(Emasdail police station)


  • we want to know them

  • Look the ZWD is going to bring confusion in this country if we follow the propaganda they publish. How would they know the names of the people picked up by police when the police concealed the names, ZWD claims the other party burnt the market after fighting amongst themselves, meaning they would have known the people involved. If they were true loving Zambians they would have given the names of those they know could have burnt the market but NO,they know nothing hence trying to bring confusion amongst us zambians.PIECE OF ADVICE, keep quite and let the police do they job.

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    Mutopola 7 months

    Ba pf every time when things goes in this country you always accusing the u,p,n,d.

  • Jinga Jasmine Ndumba

  • Boi check isn’t one name familiar ayi? Powell Kadaj Powell Malak Simutelo

  • Foolish watch dog ,I need a party time police job during this period of article 31

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    nshilimubemba 7 months

    Are you not the one accusing them.
    How come you have just picked these.

  • Now that monkey which tempered and shutdown zesco in livinstone must b taken to jail,nikolwe uwatumpa ?.

  • Then us tongas we hv taken thiz idiots 4 granted.Y tongas ae the targets and we still enjoying a slumped slumber.

  • Show us your balls and faces why do you hide foolish Zwd

  • Prayer Points

    1. Pray ferevently for God to divinely and miraculously release HH and all UPND members who have been imprisoned Acts 12:5-17.
    2. Pray persistently for God’s protection over HH and the UPND members who have been imprisoned and their families Psalm 91.
    3. Pray ferevently against the State of Emergency, and all oppressive laws, pray for the Lord to expose the people behind the fire and all other tactics Mathew 18:18, Hebrews 4:13.
    4. Pray persistently against stupour and slow of understanding in UPND leaders and members and rational Zambians as they strategize and implement peaceful solutions 2 Timothy 2:1-7.
    5. Pray fervently for God to move in Zambia’s justice, police and military system Luke 18:27.
    6. Pray persistently against deception in the Church and supporting wrong things such as injustice, oppression in the name of submitting to authority 2 Timothy 2:15 .
    7. Pray fervently against fear and intimidation in rational Zambians and UPND members so that they can implement peaceful strategies Isaiah 43 1-2 .
    If you are able to fast a meal, a day, social media etc kindly do so.

  • Boza yekayeka police go and find out not report like this

  • Trying to establish a link to a chief I presume?

  • Wanda….nakazuka

  • Don’t let them out

  • You Ar Alws Oposing The Goverment U Shitx Ar Part Of Upnd Y Dnt U Post Shitx Abt Upnd?


  • Its just simple. Find them guilty beyond reasonable doubt.

  • Those guys know nothing.

  • how do u know the names wen the iG didnt mention any names, how do u know them? nishi u know something u will all be fished out ma arsonists wait & c.

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      ZAMPOTO 7 months

      what kind of thinking is this.

      At times, Reporters get priviledged information – all they do is give it out. If you do not want it, do not read!! Why are you here then…

  • Watchdog you called these people causing sabotage as freedom fighters, the Law will surely catch up with them & whoever sponsored them to do evil

  • I was also wondering.

  • Bring out the evidence….The so called police !