Here are the chancers scrambling for Amos Chanda’s former Job

Here are the chancers scrambling for Amos Chanda’s former Job

Scramble for Amos Chanda’s former job

Here are the characters who have applied to, or are making frantic and desperate efforts, manoeuvres to replace Amos Chanda as president Edgar Lungu’s spokesperson:

1. Dickson Jere
2. Anthony Mukwita
3. Joe Chilaizya
4. Coasta Mwansa
5. Ngande Mwanajiti
6. Antonio Mwanza
7. Sunday Chanda
8. Kellys Kaunda
9. Joe Kaunda
10. Amos Malupenga
11. Emmanuel Chilekwa
12. Edgar Ngoma
13. Emmanuel Mwamba

ZWD advice to President Lungu. Don’t appoint any of these characters listed above. They are all unsuitable. Look for someone sober, mature and loyal. He or she doesn’t have to have a media or journalism background. All these are money mongers and chancers, worse than the ‘departed’. We will analyse them for you one by one starting tomorrow.

Actually, that position is not even important. You can to without it. If there is something to be communicated, you can put it in the name of any of those state House special assistants who real jobs is to boast and make money using your name. You will just be adding to problems.
But if you have to appoint one, do due diligence and get a respectable person who means well for the country.

By the way, did you know that of all Jesus’ disciples, only Judas Iscariot volunteered, brought himself to the Lord? All others were found by Jesus.

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