Here are the main military suppliers today

Here are the main military suppliers today

These are the daughters and Ex wife to Defense minister Davis Chama who have taken over the supplies at Defense wings ZNS & ZAF.

From left to right, Mandonna Chama , There mother former Mrs Chama, Mirriam Chama and Vikasi Chama.

The kind of behavior they have has shocked the entire system and it is worrying. They have put our military commanders under their armpits and grab any deal they want even sensitive deals like supply of uniforms.

They are all currently in India where they have gone to get supplies of our uniforms and other things.

All this has never happened in the history of zambia military.

They have the full blessings of Defense Minister Davis Chama who instructed all the wings that fall under his ministry to ensure they give his daughters any contract they may wish to have .

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