Here are the useless ambulances Minister Chilufya bought at $288, 000 each

Here are the useless ambulances Minister Chilufya bought at $288, 000 each

Approved prototype

Interior of prototype

Iveco ambulances brought in by Chilufya

When we say that Chitalu Chilufya the minister of health is a corrupt thief who deserves to be in jail this is what we mean????????

Take a look at the ambulances in the photos below.

The ‘wheelbarrow’ written ‘ministry of health’ is one of the 50 ambulances that the ministry of health has purchased from Iveco South Africa at a cost of US$288, 000 each.

According to ministry of health drivers and other personal, most of them produce heavy black smoke and have gear box problems. Ministry of health personnel reveal that Most of Chitalu Chilufya’s ambulances have knocked and need repairs. A few weeks ago, one of them reversed itself on the Kamwala fly over bridge when rushing for an emergency in Kanyama. By the time another ambulance was dispatched, the patient had died.

Remember these ambulances were procured at $US 288, 000 each by minister Chitalu Chilufya and his girlfriend PS Kaku. The ambulances were sneaked into the country quietly and distributed to a few hospitals without the usual hype and official launches that attend such projects. The reason was simple: the ambulances are useless fonkos that could not be presented to the public. But the ministry of Finance paid for such.

And Chitalu Chilufya is busy campaigning to be the running mate of president Lungu in 2021 or alternatively to be the presidential candidate of the underground Luapula United if he is not picked as running mate.

It is ministers like Chitalu Chilufya who have successfully made president Lungu and the PF look like a bunch of thieves.


This state of the art ambulance, is the prototype (sample) which late minister of health Joseph Kasonde approved. Look at the interior of the ambulance.

It is these Benz ambulances that were approved to be purchased at $288, 000 each plus maintenance and training of personnel. The prototypes are still in Lusaka as they were brought in for all involved people to view. But when minister Kasonde died, new minister Chilufya who was hitherto deputy minister changed the plan. While showing the photos of the Benz ambulances to the public to justify the cost, he and his lover, ordered those wheelbarrows from Iveco South Africa.

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