Here evidence of Chitotela’s corruption

Here evidence of Chitotela’s corruption

When we tell you that former Police Constable now multi Millionaire Ronald Chitotela who is Edgar Lungu’s Infrastructure and Housing Minister is corrupt, we mean just that.

The Anti Corruption Commission had started investigating Chitotela before State House intervened and stopped the probe.

The ACC had captured vehicles that are driven and parked at Chitotela’s residence. Here are the owners of the vehicles as Registered by the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA).

What we are 100percent sure is that all the owners of these vehicles are contractors. The question then is, why should a ” Minister” responsible for supervising contractors be in possession of property belonging to contractors? If this is not a primafacie case of corruption then what is it? Mike Matakala ownes Mikes Pub in Chilenje in Lusaka and is a contractor. Thomas Matandala and Njekwa Masialeti are both contractors and friends to both Mike Matakala and Ronald Chitotela.

What more evidence does Edgar Lungu want to fire Chitotela? We have more of these documents but we are doing verification on one or two of them. It is scary. Where we are we going as a country?

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