Here is a suggested priority list of public inquiries

Laura Miti writes:

Suggested list of judge-led inquiries Zambia requires in order of urgency, priority and usefulness for change:

1. Inquiry into the death of Vespers Shimuzhila

2. Inquiry into 42For42

3. Inquiry into political violence with special emphasis on who organises arms and otherwise funds cadres

4. Inquiry into total debt stock and how debt money has been used

5. Inquiry into tollgate money – to include publication of total amounts raised todate and their use

6. Inquiry into procurement processes in road construction and other capital projects with emphasis on value for money

7. A forensic audit of FISP

8. An audit of government contracts with emphasis on conflict of interest questions.

9. A forensic audit of the government bursary (scholarship) process to determine extent to which individuals who do not meet vulnerablilty test are benefiting, and to investgate massive fraud as reported by the Auditor General’s Report

10. An inquiry into the revelations of the 2015 and 2016 FIC reports

11. A lifestyle audit for all top politicians and politically exposed and connected persons to determine source of resourcres beyond known earnings

12. An audit of government parastatals and ministries to determine transparency and fairness of recruitment processes, qualifications of employees and individuals drawing salaries.

13. An inquiry into why the report of the Gabon disaster inquiry has not been published. (Or simply its publication)

25 An inquiry into the privatisation process of the 90s

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