Here is another govt tender over priced by $8.6 million

Here is another  govt tender over priced by $8.6 million

A scam has been exposed in which the Patriotic Front government is paying a Chinese company US 40000 to erect one telecommunication.

According to sources, the actuall cost for erecting a tower is US8000.

The tender is for 270 towers mainly at Chiefs palaces. The tender is called Universal access to telecommunication and is being supervised by Zicta. This means the tender has been overpriced by $8.6 million. This is the amount that has been stolen.

ZTE a Chinese communication company is said to have been given a contract to install 270 towers country wide. The source said the amount is just for labour.

” This amount is just for labour. It is not inclusive of the actuall tower. The Zambian government separately pays for the equipment. What ZTE is being paid is just labour. The actuall total cost for labour is between US6000 and US8000. So who is benefiting?” the source said. The source said senior ZTE officials are very close to Kaizer Zulu.

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