Here is list of Chinese recruited in Zambia police

Here is list of Chinese recruited in Zambia police

In the attached document are the names of the Chinese who have been recruited and given senior positions in the Zambia police.


*Dickson Jere writes:*

On January 11th this year, Zambia made international news when it was reported that the Inspector General of the Police had banned his officers from marrying foreigners. The decision was justified as a security measure and the BBC went to town with that story.

12 months down the road, the same Inspector General is reported to have commissioned some Chinese (eight of them) as Police Reservists to infiltrate the same agency we stopped our brothers and sisters from having spouses who are not Zambians.

Our Chinese brothers have taken over our land, taken over our Mukula trees, taken over our road contracts and now are taking over our police…eish…imagine being arrested by a China Man in your own country!

Anyway, let me take a chill pill since I am on Christmas break and supposed to be enjoying my holidays…

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