Here is Satanic side of dununa reverse



We allowed the whole nation to get mesmerized by the song as we waited for the frenzy to die down. Had we brought this side of the story earlier, we would have been insulted by the masses badly because the spell was fresh.

Here is the Satanic side of “Dununa Reverse”…

In Zambia, people always think Satanism is not real, or they overlook the devastating results of it. We Zambians always want to think that Satan is sleeping just like we are…but…


Music, for centuries now, has been used by the Devil to spread spells which make people behave in a certain way. In America and many other parts of the word, an art called “Back-masking” is used, where a Satanic message is encrypted in the song…this message can only be heard if you play the song backwards with special software. However, the brain picks it up, and subconsciously rearranges the message to make sense. The results are that we end up hating Jesus, hating to read the Bible, reluctant to worship God, etc….all this happens in the subconscious.


This art was banned in the 1980s but One president  reintroduced it in his tenure of office, saying that, “people have the choice to listen to back masked music or not (Paraphrased).”


The other way Satanism is used in Music is to add a Sexual Connotation to it. This carries with it DEMONS of LUST, which make the SPELL on the Song to yield its desired results so that the people can lust for that one thing that the musician wants you to lust for.


“Dununa Reverse” carries a Sexual Connotation to it…and everyone knows that! In the Bars and streets of Lusaka, Dununa Reverse is a slang phrase used by Prostitutes to indicate that one can do a “quickie” (quick sex) from the behind angle, even without the use of protection. The Prostitute just needs to bend a bit for the guy to “Dununa”.


So the PF, in the Dununa song, attached a sexual connotation to throw the spell of Lust to you. You ask, what Lust? The Lust to love the PF party for no good reason but just because they said so!


True to this, the song came out and became a hit instantly…but the song doesn’t even have a good sensible message that you take out of it…nothing…but you “just love it” don’t you? Out of all sensible reasoning, why Dununa Reverse? Think about. It doesn’t matter what party you support, or whether the musician is your brother, but think about it for a second and try to reason what Dununa Reverse means and what sense or value it adds to PF.


Such songs do not stay hits for a long time, they die out within a short time…but the idea is that the song should still be a hit even as people go to the polls…that is why it was removed right in the last month, because it has a short lifespan.


But all this sounds like Greek to you…we do not blame you…its the spell.


We, in the UPND, believe in the God of Heaven, Jehovah the Almighty and in his Son Jesus Christ…and we believe that our God will fight for us no matter how many demons and spells they cast at us.


May God be with us ALL…

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