Here is the latest rigging trick by ECZ, PF

Here is the latest rigging trick by ECZ, PF

13920546_1145854402163380_2226123900276716496_oThere is panic within the den of thieves in power as the doctored voters register which was originally meant to give them an upper-hand in upcoming elections has turned out to be a double edged sword. It is feared that genuine people who registered as voters from opposition strongholds plus Lusaka and the Copperbelt are likely to turnout in huge number compared to the ghost and foreign voters which were entered in the voters register- among them a big chunk was removed by the recent audit!

You may also have noticed a serious delay in the release and publicising of the total number of registered voters – due to the fact that there were so many anomalies regarding the number of registered voters in some well know areas – as published by the private media in Zambia.

Now they have finalised a logistic blackout in opposition strongholds which they are going execute as follows:

1) Delayed Materials – delivery of voting materials in opposition strongholds will experience acute transportation shortages resulting in delays…no airlifting facility to be availed in good time.

2) Delivery confusion – a deliberate ploy has been put in place to create confusion by mixing the voters register or the ballots so that a huge number of people will be turned away…this is likely to annoy people who may react.

3) Staffing – there will be limited staffing levels in opposition strongholds – this is a ploy to ensure that fewer people vote. The authorities will pretend that they did not anticipate huge turnout.

4) Call for extended voting time – as a result the schemers are sure that the opposition will call for extended voting time to allow their supported to vote ….straight walking into the set-trap as the authorities will take advantage and extend voting for rigging centres.

5) Delayed closing time – as a result of delayed start to voting closure will be in the night…creating perfect opportunity for either ballot stuffing or swapping or both.

6) Increased security- as a result of late closure – the authority will send user friend security to offer ‘protection’ during transportation! (please note that there will be no logistics problem at night)

7) ZESCO and ZICTA – expect Zesco blackouts and also communication network problems in opposition strongholds.

8) RESULTS – results from opposition stronghold will be severely delayed. Consequently the publication of results will be done selectively to consistently show that PF candidate is already winning and there supporters will troop to the streets with early victory celebrations with the help of the police..

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