Here is the new useless collective agreement for civil servants

 Find attached the GRZ CSAWUZ COLLECTIVE AGREEMENT 2013  collective agreement signed by the unions and government. The true picture when you analyse the whole document is that the increament is accually 4% and yet the PF government and the compromised union are busy cheating the people that the increament is more than 200%.
The highest increament is 191% and it was for those workers who used to get less one thousand kwacha rebased, so as to push them to two thousand five hundred kwacha rebased.
We are very disappointed with this goverment, who strive on lies.
Please publish this so that those who do not have the information can get the information before September.
And again one more thing is that this is a indirect wage freeze, it means the whole part of 2013 will have no increment and 2014.
 The agreement is here GRZ CSAWUZ COLLECTIVE AGREEMENT 2013
I remain youers in national service

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