Here is what schools in Shangombo look like

Here is what schools in Shangombo look like

Dihehe primary pupils

About 150 pupils at Dihehe primary school in Shangombo are having their lessons under trees while their only classroom built on temporal structures is almost collapsing.

School Head teacher Sikute Kamona said though government had given them school about K180 Million to construct 1×3 classroom block under which 4000 bricks have since been moulded by parents, pupils at the school still receive lessons under trees and a few risk their lives learning under an almost collapsing temporal classroom block built on pole and
muddy structure.

Mr Kamona added that despite the government funds to the school, construction has not been done due to difficulties to find a contractor as a result of long distance coupled with extreme bad road to the area.

The school was handed over to government in 2009 and since then, it has three teachers whose houses are equally in temporal structures of pole and muddy.

Dihehe primary school is the last school in Shangombo district before entering Sesheke district through Imusho near the border with Namibia.


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