Heroes Day: HH says we need more heroes to face PF evil

Where would Zambia be without those who have spoken out against wrongs? Where would Zambia be without those who have offered their protection to the weak and vulnerable in our communities? Where would Zambia be without those who have pushed for change and progress over the years?

These are the questions we should ask ourselves today on Heroes Day; a day that is about those Zambians who through courage and bravery have delivered us this blessed inheritance of an independent, democratic and peaceful nation.

We owe everything to these people and today we take time to celebrate their actions and give thanks.

The best way we can honour their sacrifice and their struggle is by acting to protect this precious inheritance. This means demanding better from our leaders, denouncing injustice where we see it and relentlessly defending the rights of our fellow countrymen and women.

Recent scenes of violence and intimidation, as well as shameless attempts by the Edgar Lungu-led government to trample on our freedom of movement, freedom of expression and press freedoms have shown clearly that in 2016 Zambia is once again in need of such heroes.

Hakainde Hichilema
UPND President

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