Heroes stadium blackout; Now Lungu’s PF taps Zesco Engineers’ phones

Most of the Zesco employees especially those from engineering related departments have had their phones tapped in the continued search for who could have been behind the Heroes stadium blackout during a football match between Zambia and Gabon in September.

The tapping of the phones though illegal by Zambian laws is a continued exercise by the PF government to try and fish for excuses for the power failure which led to people chanting slogans against President Edgar Lungu. Sources from both State house and Zesco have confirmed the ongoing phone tapping and.

“What they want is identify which people are saying negative things about PF and those are the primary suspects. Otherwise an independent investigation that was done by some engineers the system discloses that the power outages were just a normal occurrence as the area was under load shedding. The other thing is that maybe the engineers who were tasked to separate the lines could not have done a better job, but just now there is serious phone tapping,” said the source from State house.

The news of phone tapping which has leaked into Zesco has sent most workers to be working in fear as they cannot discuss anything freely regardless of who the caller is. Internal security has also been scaled up where some intelligence officers have been infused at a very high rate into the power utility company. Some engineers have since been called for questioning after they were allegedly found to be negative about PF government.

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