HH actively working to save Zambia

HH actively working to save Zambia

By Anthony Bwalya

Zambia’s biggest problem at the moment, one firmly rooted in what has been a spectacular failure of leadership under the Patriotic Front (PF) regime is a national debt problem which the current regime no longer knows how to get around.

This $20bn debt problem, which incidentally has delivered much less than 20% in economic value while the other 80% has been stolen and plundered by the regime, is now visibly constricting the provision of critical public services – from healthcare where hospitals and clinics have no medicines, equipment and staff working conditions fast deteriorating; to failure to pay pensioners, withdrawal of meal allowances for students while accommodation refunds are being threatened, a deteriorating Kwacha.

And while all this is taking place, President Edgar Lungu is busy crisscrossing the country like a mere cadre campaigning for himself and the PF’s continued stay in power, rather than spending time talking to key and critical stakeholders both at home and abroad in order to save the country from what is now certain collapse.

For Mr. Lungu and the PF, this is no longer about Zambia and the Zambian people. For them, it is about consolidating political power.

President Hakainde Hichilema of the UPND, while Mr. Lungu and the PF are trying to save themselves, he is left to worry about saving the country and protecting our collective welfare and well-being by worrying about the biggest problems we face as a country.

In fairness, while the PF regime have been preoccupied with stealing from the Zambian people and amassing stashes of unexplained wealth for themselves, HH has been the VOICE OF REASON on key national issues:

1. Fuel pricing reforms
2. Fertilizer pricing reforms
3. Debt management
4. Poor public procurement
5. Grand politically motivated corruption
6. Pensions reforms
7. Personal tax reforms
8. Agricultural

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