HH addresses Cape Town University Graduate Business Sch

HH addresses Cape Town University Graduate Business Sch

12657201_1033215803427241_1800718415385394357_oWhile the PF is still mourning, lamenting, complaining and trying to understand Hakainde Hichilema’s powerful message at the Mining Indaba where he delivered a key note presentation, the opposition leader was guest speaker at the graduate business school at the prestigious Cape Town University.

Cape Town University is consistently ranked the best university in Africa, though sometimes takes second position to Wits.

This is what HH posted on his facebook after speaking to fellow Post Graduates, undergraduate students, lecturers and the business community in Cape Town’

This evening we were honoured to make an address at the Graduate Business School of the University of Cape Town (UCT) as part of their Distinguished Speakers Programme.

During the event, hosted by lecturer in emerging markets at UCT Dr Steven Rogers, I was happy to share some of my personal experiences from my time in industry and insights concerning the importance of hard work, determination and finding partners you can trust and share risks, experiences and ideas with.

When invited to explain what can be done to help revive the Zambian economy, we discussed the importance of supporting local business by reducing the cost of doing business.

We advocated action to cut red tape and simplify the regulatory environment such as reducing the number of permits needed to start a business, the provision of clear and stable policies, a reduction in the number of days it takes to start a business and reducing the time and cost of transporting goods in and out of the country. These are all steps we believe to be very important in getting Zambia back on track so we can create the jobs and the revenue we need to improve living conditions and service provision for all. Most importantly we talked about the need for a multi-sector economy that can survive both the highs and lows in one part of the economy, in our case mining.

We would like to thank Dr Steven Rogers, his team and all those who attended our wonderful session.12657201_1033215803427241_1800718415385394357_o

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