HH advises electorate to choose credible leaders and join his ‘Real Change’

United Party for National Development (UPND) President Hakainde Hichilema has advised Zambians calling for change to go the polls in numbers when Election Day comes and choose credible leaders who will provide the services they need and develop the nation.

Speaking in Lusaka Hichilema charged that Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) has failed to deliver in its 20year rule, therefore there is need to usher in individuals with fresh ideas.

He said the ruling party is panicking and trying to develop the nation speedily but will not succeed as the mindsets of citizens have changed and they are not interested in voting for leaders who do not have their interests at heart and are only canvassing for votes.

And in an Interview with the Watchdog,  Hichilema has pleaded with Zambians to join the real change of government crusade in this year’s tripartite elections.

He said Zambians must not elect leaders who want to earn a living from politics but those that want to serve the nation from its economical quagmire.
“There is no way the people of Zambia shall continue to wallow in abject poverty under President Banda, the people have suffered enough we need that change and the change is now, look at the high levels of unemployment in the country, this government has failed to utilize the natural resources we have to create industries that will employ our young people, they keep on giving contracts to their already rich children, friends and relatives so what kind of a government is this?
Asked Hichilema. He appealed to Zambians to seriously reflect on the consequences of
putting bad leadership into power, saying poverty shall continue to be the cry of the people.
“Reflect seriously, I am telling the people to do that, let them demand from people seeking leadership position the plan they have for this nation, they should not be excited with receiving gifts during campaigns but need to look beyond the election day,” he said.
Hichilema also reminded the electorates to be wary of political parties which are misrepresenting his massage about the need for old people to retire from active politic.
“I shall not change the massage, let the old retire from active politics, we shall take care of them immediately we form government,
we are not saying that we don’t need them, they are our advisors and that is the role we want them to play, let them leave room for young and energetic minds do the work, we have gained enough experience in the corporate world and there is nothing like we don’t have experience,” he said.


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