HH advises Gwembe valley people to reject MMD

HH advises Gwembe valley people to reject MMD

HH and UPND vice preisdent Kapita kneeling before a trditional ruler in Mufumbe, North Western province

UPND President Hakainde Hichilema has advised the people of Gwembe in Southern province to vote out the MMD government.

Hichilema who is in the Gwembe valley to campaign told huge crowds during public rallies not to be cheated by 11th hour development projects by the government such as grading of feeder roads and sale of Government Houses in Mamba to sitting tenants.

Hichilemaa told the crowds that they had suffered for too long under the MMD´ 20 year old Government and that the Gwembe Valley was a forgotten area under the MMD Government as no meaningful developmental Programmes had been carried out in the Valley.

He said even the few bridges and roads left by the UNIP Government have been neglected and therefore destroyed. He said no new schools or hospitals have been built in the last 30 years yet the population of the Gwembe valley has been increasing every year.

He said this has led to a situation where people are now fighting for spaces in old ramshackle government calls schools or hospitals.

Hichilema promised the people of Gwembe valley that once they elect the UPND into office in September, his Government will open up the Valley by bring in meaningful development.

He told the crowds that his Government will build high schools and a big in Sinazongwe district.

In Maamba, Hichilema told a fully packed Mamba Stadium that president Banda and his government is murderers who allowed foreigners to shoot and mistreat workers at Mamba Colum.

He said the government hates people of Maamba that is why it has neglected retirees, miners and ordinary people in the villages to suffer as though Zambia has no government that could initiative developmental projects in these areas.

He promised Mamba residents that his government will pay all retirees their benefits.

He said he would not allow the current situation in Maamba where people who retired 20 years ago from Government had not yet been paid their dues.

He said Zambia was the only country where foreigners were given a ´passport’ to mistreat and shot at their workers.

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