HH advises police, civil servants to keep records of corrupt PF ministers for future use

HH advises police, civil servants to keep records of corrupt PF ministers for future use

UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has advised the police and civil servants to keep records of crimes committed by PF leaders.

Hichilema says time will come when the real fight against corruption will be instituted in Zambia and such records will be required.

Hichilema was commenting on the decision by President Michael Sata to mock Zambian by appointing Wynter Kabimba as acting vice-president when he is facing investigations of corruption.

Hichilema said that the decision by Sata to make Kabimba number two in government is aimed at sending signals and intimidating the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) against investigating Kabimba.

File: HH being harassed by police for exposing intempetence in the PF

The opposition leader said that if there was anyone in Zambia and beyond who has been deceived that Sata hates corruption, this week’s events should now show them the truth.

He however paid tribute to the ACC for trying to do their job and such difficulty conditions and without support from the head of State.

Hichilema said corrupt people in the PF should not get excited and think that they will never pay for their corruption.

He said once his party is in power, all the corruption cases that all being buried by the PF will be re-opened.

He therefore urged the police and civil servants who are handling such matters and those with access to corrupt activities by government officials to keep such records as they will be needed when they real fight against corruption begins.

And Hichilema has said Zambians should prepare themselves for harder times under the PF regime. Hichilema predicted that the current food, power and fuel shortages being experienced will become worse as time goes.

He said he sees no hope for Zambia under the PF and that next year the country is likely to experience serious food shortages due to the poor manner the PF is handling the agricultural sector.

Hichilema said it breaks his heart to note that in the middle of the rainy season, farmers have not received inputs.

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