HH and entourage summoned to Chipata Central Police Station

Police in Chipata on instruction from ailing dictator have summoned opposition UPND president Hakainde Hichilema and his entourage.

The entourage has however indicated that they will only go to the Police Station after attending Church Service at Chigungu Mission and addressing their meetings.

The police are insisting that the UPND entourage must not visit certain areas such as Petauke, Kasenengwa, Vubwi and Malambo constituencies where by-elections will take place soon.

But there are no by-elections going on in Chipata Central and other areas where they have been banned from holding even in-door meetings with their party members.

Mr. Hichilema and his entourage said they will not be intimidated and will only go to the police at their own time when they finish the scheduled business in the area.

But president Michael Sata was recently in Vubwi and even held a campaign rally there and he has instructed his ministers to flood these areas where they are currently holding campaign meetings in the name of inspecting development projects.

The team that is on a 15 days tour of Eastern province has resolved that they will defy these directives and will visit all places they have scheduled to visit including where there are no by-elections such as Chipata Central.

UPND Secretary General, Winston Chibwe explained that the purpose of the visit was to meet and strengthen party structures in the province and denying them to visit certain parts of the country was tantamount to restricting their rights to movement and association.

Mr. Chibwe in an interview maintained that the UPND will not be intimidated and may soon resort to civil disobedience activities countrywide to force the police to apply the Public Order Act fairly on all parties and interest groups.

He said the UPND will also embark on getting names of police officers that are being used to break the law and either sue them in their individual capacity or deal with them when in power in 2016.

“Can you imagine, some team members like vice-president Dr.Canicius Banda would like to take this opportunity to introduce Mr. Hichilema to their relatives, which is not a crime at all. Equally Mr. Sata by doing this is denying the general populace of Eastern province the right to information and association. In this we see Sata fearing that his failures will be exposed?,” he said.

Meanwhile, business came to a stand-still in Chipata town as the opposition UPND entourage drove through Chipata with residents broking into the popular ALEISA ALEISA frenzy shouting ” we want change !! we want change !! ” .

The situation was the same in Nyimba, Petauke, Sinda and Katete before finally meeting hundreds of supporters that braved the day waiting for Mr. Hichilema at Mutenguleni few Kilometres away from Chipata town.

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