HH and Nevers Mumba to blame for Mansa loss

The by-election in Mansa is over. The winner has been declared but what are the issues that led to the PF retaining the seat.

Our analysis reveals that though the PF candidate Chitalu Chilufya was a strong candidate because of a number of projects he initiated in the constituency when he worked under the USAID such as  building bridges, the opposition political parties especially party Presidents have to shoulder the blame.

The PF is not popular in Mansa but the candidate was popular. Dr. Chilufya in 2011 under MMD polled 10,000 votes against Sakeni of PF 17,000. Chilufya this time around polled slightly over 9,000 votes.

This means that Chilufya has specific people who vote for him. He moved with these voters from MMD to PF. This also means that he did not get any new voters from PF but instead his support dwindled because he had joined PF. Secondly Mansa has 56,000 registered voters but only 12,000 voters voted. Where are the other 42,000 voters?

They simply did not want to vote for PF or they did not want to vote for any opposition party. Nevers Mumba and Hakainde Hichilema have big problems that may need serious overnight prayers by some pastor may be from Nigeria.

They both behave as though they are Republican Presidents already and show no seriousness at all. We are aware that Nevers Mumba went to Mansa three times but his presence was not felt because he travels with a horde of security people that gobble huge expenses at the expense of campaign material and finances. Hakainde Hichilema spent most of his time campaigning for a ward by-election in Kasempa.

The two also do not see eye to eye. If they did they could have found common ground. Nevers Mumba has no financial resources to run a big party like MMD but has the charisma while HH has the financial resources but has no charisma. Mumba is a natural speaker while HH is an accomplished businessman and financial strtategist. If only they could harness these attributes instead of bahaving like teenage boys competing for a girl.

These are facts that Mumba or Hichilema can not afford to ignore. Zambian should blame these two if the PF wins the 2016 polls or else both the MMD and the UPND should start looking for replacements.

Surely how does Hichilema expect to win an election in an area were most people use tribe to think than brains by campaigning for less than a week? How does Nevers Mumba expect to win an election without financial resources? It is about time these two became serious.

The MMD candidate in Mansa is from Northern Province so the UShi’s wanted Chilufya there own but the UPND candidate is also from Luapula so Hichilema could have taken advantage of this and camped there for at least a month than camping in Kasempa. All this is because of personalising political parties.

This means that the party President has to be all over. Where are the other party leaders? Hakainde should have sent his vice or others to Kasempa. Nevers Mumba also should have involved a number of other party leaders. Are these personal to holder parties? Nevers Mumba and Hakainde Hichilema should stop bevaing as though they are already in State House the battle is a long one. Sata is a shrewd politician.MMD and UPND think twice about your party leaders.

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