HH arrives in Inonge Wina’s neglected Nalolo constituency

HH arrives in Inonge Wina’s neglected Nalolo constituency

On behalf of the Queen, Induna Biyundamono at Nalolo Palace had this to tell HH:

We are happy to see you here. We welcome you here. We believe with you as president there will peace in the country despite political and tribal differences. We need more classroom blocks. Health centres are being run by non trained offices including a guard. When in office, please help us improve the agriculture sector. We shall be happy if you form government. We are happy with your policy of free education.”
Nalolo palace is the home of Litunga Lamboela Mbuyu Imwiko.

The Induna said the mistake of voting for PF and their candidate in the 2011 general elections was a good lesson to the people of Nalolo. ‘It is also a blessing to you as it has opened people’s eyes. People want a farmer, happy with your free education policy. I give you all my blessings, be courageous. Go everywhere, even when they don’t welcome you forge ahead. Winners don’t quit, quitters don’t win. Health centre built in 1889 but now being ran by classified daily employees and a guard.’

The MP for Nalolo is PF chairperson Inonge Wina, the widow of freedom fighter Arthur Wina. People don’t remember the last time she visited the constituency.hh

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