HH asks for more time to find lawyers

HH asks for more time to find lawyers

imageThe Kangaroo court has maintained that the presidential petition will be heard, determined and judgement issued by 23:59 hours today.
It’s now 23 hours but UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and Geoffrey Mwamba have just asked the court for more time to engage new lawyers. When the new lawyers are engaged, they will ask for time to study the case.

Earlier, Hakainde Hichilema and Geoffrey Mwamba faced the judges and told them this.

HH: The court has denied us justice on the basis of a decision made yesterday by one single judge Anne Sitali which we believe was ill intended to deny us justice. We can not represent ourselves in two hours for such a matter of great magnitude. Legal representation is our constitutional right .It is not in question that we need …a fair hearing.we cannot be an exception to the rules of natural justice. To be given a fair hearing. It’s not a matter of whether one needs just or not. It’s a matter of obligation. The delay to hear one of our petition, to have the president vacate office in accordance with article 104 (3) cannot be overlooked. We also wish to submit that this court lives to our expectations in delivering justice.

GBM : It’s very important that the court is mindful of what the 15million Zambians are expecting. We came here expecting that we shall be heard and not in 2 hrs. It’s our constitutional right for this honourable court to hear our petition. But if the court decides not to hear one side of the party, it will be unfair to many Zambians. I have been in this court from morning to hear this matter. It’s clear that a single judge who handled this matter misled the court because of backtracking on her initial position. We believe that we have to be given enough time for us to prepare witnesses in a shortest possible time so that our witnesses can be given a fair hearing.
Am obliged my Lord.

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