HH asks international community to intervene, quickly

HH asks international community to intervene, quickly

Zambia’s main Opposition Leader, Hakainde Hichilema has called on the international community to quickly intervene in the country’s deteriorating democratic tenets.

Mr. Hichilema, President of the United Party for National Development says Zambia maybe the next monarchy especially with current political turmoil being experienced under the leadership of President-elect Edgar Lungu.

The UPND President appeals to the AU, SADC, COMESA among others to help resuscitate Zambia’s dwindling democracy.

He adds that the breakdown in the rule of law has become an order of the day whereby President-elect Edgar Lungu has demonstrated with impunity how he intends to derail the future of the citizens.

Mr. Hichilema who several Zambians recognize as legitimate winner of the disputed 2016 general elections that announced Mr. Edgar Lungu as President-elect adds that there is too much instability in the Country.

He says if left unchecked, Zambia will lose even the little peace accord that the globe had accredited to it.

Mr. Hichilema who addressed the Press at his Party’s headquarters in Lusaka, Zambia this afternoon however called on the Country to remain peaceful and stop brutal attacks.

Meanwhile the UPND President who publicly got over 1.7 million votes says anyone fanning tribal divisions must be condemned.

He says Zambians have been intermarrying and that it will be un Christian for anyone to begin propagating tribal hatred amidst electoral confusions.

And Mr. Hichilema has said that President-elect Edgar Lungu is exhibiting dictatorial tendencies by refusing to abide by law a situation he describes as non democratic.

Mr. Hichilema is commanding over 1.7 million Zambians in terms of registered voters while according to the electoral body (ECZ), President-elect Edgar Lungu has slightly above 1 million a figure that has been disputed by many.

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