HH back in court today

HH back in court today

UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema will this morning appear in a magistrate court to hear whether the treason charge slapped on him makes sense and can therefore be sent to the High Court for trial .

Last week Prosecutors issued a certificate of committal to the High Court and argued that the magistrate has no powers to stop the case from being taken to the High Court.

HH’s lawyers argued that magistrate Simusamba has powers to investigate the efficacy of the charge and determine whether it’s fit to be referred to the High Court. HH’ s lawyers also agree that the matter should be referred to the High Court but only for determination of constitutional matters and not trial. The prosecutors want case to go to High Court for trial only.

Yesterday, a different magistrate put HH on his defence in a case where he is accused of calling his arrestors ‘assholes’. The judgment in the assholes case will be made on Monday.

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