HH boasts of more billions as cadres plan to disrupt business in Lusaka

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has whispered to his close confidants that ‘watch how much billions I will declare today’ indicating that his money has increased tremendously from the K40 billion   he declared in 2008.

And UPND supporters are planning to disturb business for two hours in Lusaka as they escort Hichilema to file his presidential nominations.

Hichilema told people close to him Monday morning as he was finalising the process of going to file his papers that the economy of Zambia is in his hands.

He was referring to his assets which from 2006 to 2008 increased by K15.2 billion.

Hichilema owns a lot of companies and has an estimated 75 thousand cows in his various ranches across the country.

Apart from Zambeef, he is the major supplier of beef in Zambia.

Presidential candidates are required by law to declare their assets together with their nomination papers.

And thousands of UPND cadres are being mobilised from residential areas to match from Town centre to the Supreme Court.

The cadres, say, organisers, plan to make as much noise as possible to show the strength of their party in numbers as they will honk, hoot and sing as they go round Lusaka.

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