HH calls for a peaceful Kabwata rally tomorrow

HH calls for a peaceful Kabwata rally tomorrow

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has advised Zambians coming for tomorrow’s rally to do so with good intentions and not succumb to evil intentions of enemies of democracy who may want to cause violence with a view to give PF police ammunition to continue frustrating the opposition by denying them permits to hold rallies.

Mr. Hichilema said he was aware of some elements that are being paid with a view to be planted by these enemies of democracy to cause mayhem so that the UPND can be banned from holding rallies in future.

He reiterated that UPND has always been a peaceful party and has urged all the people coming for the rally to be ware of a few disgruntled elements that are being sponsored to justify PF police actions to deny UPND and other opposition political parties chance to meet with their members.

Mr. Hichilema has also thanked efforts and sympathisers from the majority of police and other government security personnel who are seeing sense in the need for political parties to meet their members through rallies and other peaceful gatherings.

He has also urged Zambians and UPND members in particular to be tolerant even in extreme provocation, to other people and hostile media personnel, with divergent views who may not agree with the party’s ideologies of genuinely wanting to move the country forward.

PF police yesterday finally gave in to UPND demands to hold a public rally in Kabwata after initially refusing the opposition party on very flimsy grounds of anticipating violence.

But the UPND replied by insisting that the rally would go ahead with or without a police permit, a situation that created anxiety and a potential bloody showdown with law enforcement officers in what was described as the really ‘Christmas present’ to the Zambia Police if they dared interfering with the meeting.

The PF police have so far denied more than eleven UPND notices to hold public rallies in various parts of the country, especially Lusaka and Copperbelt.

And UPND sources said the Kabwata rally is one of the many that are planned across the country almost on a monthly or even weekly basis aimed at recruiting more membership and sensitising Zambians on various national issues, especially that the main media channels have virtually blacked-out the party’s well-intended messages for national development.

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