HH calls for immediate payment of salaries for council and other public sector workers

United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema has expressed disappointment over the PF led government’s failure to pay salaries for council workers and other public sector workers.
In a statement released Monday morning, Hichilema said the current situation indicates that council workers have not been paid salaries for over three (3) month yet the PF have funds to bribe voters in unnecessary by-elections.
‘This is uncalled for and a great injustice to families that are already struggling under the economic hardships brought about by the corrupt and failed PF, Mr Edgar Lungu and his friends,’ Hichilema said.
He stressed that the government should immediately pay all outstanding salaries and allowances to all council and other public sector workers who have not been paid.
And Hichilema has demanded that the government immediately releases the equalisation funds and other grants to help run the local authorities and other public sector institutions without any delay pointing out that it was absurd for the PF to keep using council, government and other public sector workers without paying them yet they fund their thugs during election campaigns.
He has further demanded that PF thugs be removed from bus stations, markets, taxi ranks and several other public places and replace them with local authorities so as to restore order.
‘This will save the public from the PF thugs’ harassment and being overcharged for using public facilities. Further, this will enable local authorities to properly manage these facilities and collect fair revenue that will facilitate their smooth operations, especially as the rain season draws near,’ Hichilema said.
He charged that currently the PF thugs are collecting high and illegal levies from members of the public in the above stated areas and sharing among themselves at the expense of the councils and the public adding that this violence and impunity must end now.
Hichilema said the UPND would like to see a situation where ordinary citizens can freely use public facilities without fear of being overcharged, harassed, robbed or killed by unruly gun totting PF thugs.
The opposition leader has further demanded that retirees be paid all their benefits adding that the PF must not be diverting these monies to reward their militias that are harassing, maiming and killing citizens with unbelievable impunity.

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