HH calls on liar Bob Sichinga to apologise

Press Statement

For Immediate Release

09th  February, 2012



The Patriotic Front led government’s continued alarmist statements which end up to be lies is an embarrassment to the Country. As UPND, we are greatly concerned with the recent revelations by Commerce, Trade and Industry Minister Robert Sichinga that the previous MMD government printed over K3 trillion in China, which has been disputed by the Finance Minister and the Bank of Zambia.
It is unfortunate that a Senior Minister can publicly make a lie and a diplomatic blunder against the Chinese government that has already received so much negative publicity from the PF during campaigns. This shows that nothing has changed about the PF’s anti-Chinese rhetoric. UPND is wondering how many times the PF government would continue to squander the trust entrusted to them by the Zambian people by telling lies. When will the citizens start taking this government seriously amidst all these false and alarming accusations which have always turned out to be false? While we know that our colleagues, even in opposition, were fond of issuing politically alarming and sensitive statements to both local and foreign entities that perhaps made them win an election, we would have thought they have changed by now since they are in government. But it seems things are even getting worse, especially aided by the fact that they are now in total control of all the major media outlets unlike in the past.

What is also surprising is the deafening silence from the head of state on an issue which has diplomatic ramifications with Zambia’s relationship with the Chinese government.
While ,we in UPND believe in genuine fight against corruption , we are aware that a lot of statements relating to graft fight by our colleagues are mere rhetoric meant to hoodwink the masses and hide the failures of the PF to deliver on their campaign promises.

We therefore call upon the once active civil society, international community and indeed the citizenry at large not to go into pause mode as doing so will lead to a situation where wrong things will be done to the extent of being irreversible.

As UPND, we expect serious policy directives on the promised job creation  through resuscitating Mwinilunga Pineapple, Mununshi Banana Scheme, Mansa Batteries, Livinstone Motor Assemblies, Luangwa Industries, Nitrogen Chemicals of Zambia,  Mulungushi and Kafue Textiles.

In the mean time, we expect the Zambia Institute Chartered Accountants (ZICA) to discipline its member  Bob Sichinga on this alarming statement regarding the fake currency
issue. We are also calling on Hon. Sichinga to publicly apologise to the Zambians at large and the Chinese government for the embarrassment and inconvenience caused.

We further call on President Sata to provide the necessary leadership to ensure that he runs a coherent and reliable cabinet on matters of national and international interest.
Time for behaving like they are in opposition is over and it is high time PF demonstrated the ability to provide solutions to the many problems facing the country.

Hakainde Hichilema

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