HH calls on Parliament to stop illegal construction of Sata retirement house


Press Statement

31st October, 2012


Last item on this copy of yellow book is for constructing Sata’ retirement house

Early this year, we alerted the nation that Mr. Sata had begun constructing his retirement home near state lodge illegally using government resources.

Government spokesperson Hon Kennedy Sakeni refuted our assertion and alleged that we were bitter and chocking with envy after the 2011 electoral defeat.

Lies have a very short life span and we have been vindicated.

Mr. Sata sent his uncle Hon Alexander Bwalya Chikwanda as a bearer of a message to Parliament to solicit for K1.4 billion for the construction of his house.  Page 911 of the yellow book attest to this.

Our contention is that our laws do not provide for such type of expenditure.  This is a clear violation of our statutes.  Act number 21 of 1998, chapter 15 section 4a states as follows:

“assigned to a former President within a period of not more than two years from the date of ceasing to hold office, a furnished executive house built or bought in Zambia by the State at a place of the former President’s choice”.

Clearly, this is a benefit given to a former President not a sitting one.  Is Mr. Sata a retired, sitting President?  We are concerned that Mr. Sata has continued raping our constitution with impunity.  If Mr. Sata had any sense of morality, he would have concentrated on paying retirees who have already worked for their money than paying himself a retirement prematurely.

We call on all Honourable Members of Parliament across political divide to do the honourable thing by stopping this reckless, proposed spending.

This level of self aggrandizement is unacceptable especially that houses for the second, third and fourth former Republican Presidents are not completed.  If this reckless expenditure is not stopped in Parliament, UPND shall explore other democratic options available

Hakainde Hichilema


This is Act which explains how former presidents should be built a house


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    @ Chipasha, u were born from a dog, and u are a dog!

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    Lubinda 5 years

    Chi pasha,

    I can see you have very poor eye sight. Check budget line 716.

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    Ireporter 5 years


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    First and foremost,the page that contains the information you claim to be diffusing is faint and cannot be clearly read.
    Yet even with what you have provided,I cannot see where it reads “construction of fifth republican president’s house.”The counting ends at the construction of the 4th republican president who happens to be Rupiah Bwezani Banda who sat in office to warm the seat for Michael Chilufya Sata.
    Unless I have failed to see the 5th president’s mention,you may be having a problem with your memories.Zambia has had 5 presidents!

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      Keke 5 years

      Chipasha you have been trully corrupted by PF lies such that you can not even see.So you can not see at the bottom.Its 5th and not 4th president.Pliz use your eyes to see and brain to think for the sake of our country.

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      Sharp shooter-nationalist 5 years

      Dull chap who see nothing wrong as long as his fellow monkey is doing wrongbthings

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    real analyst 5 years


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      Latifwilso 5 years

      this is zambia for you today i hard that Dickson Jere lost money about 100,000 eura and 100,000 dollar. where did he get that money from>>>>>>>>>>>>

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      Nachi 5 years

      That makes the two of us!!

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    Masuso 5 years

    Why is Sata above the law? Is he a retired president? why can’t he build the house from the funds which he is paid? MPs stop this rot.

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    The clown thinks he is “untouchable”? A worthy parliament that represents the wishes of the people should stop this greedy and repugnant abuse of office. Else where parliament would move to impeach! He cannot a benefit he has not earned, this is theft by public servant.

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    Lwalwa 5 years

    Any militias to bomb the site, because this is total nonsense….

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    Kasuba 5 years

    I thought one qualifies for a presidential house the moment they are sworn in?
    For starters any citizen that crosses the line,will be accorded state security for life no matter the period of service.

    Presidents are not common employees like you and me.They do not have length of service to get certain benefits.

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      Keke 5 years

      The law is there just refer to it. Never try to justify a wrong bcoz it’l catch up with you.