HH campaigns for mayoral candidate

UPND President Hakainde Hichilema campaigns for his mayoral candidate and writes:

With our Lusaka Mayoral candidate Kangwa Chileshe and several other senior party officials we made an impromptu visit to our brothers and sisters trading at Northmead, Longacres markets and Woodlands Shopping mall in Lusaka.

This was meant to appreciate the challenges that come with the high cost of doing business in an environment whose electricity and fuel prices are ever rising.

We also heard how the markets have become highly politicised. And we pledged to depoliticise them once Kangwa is voted into power.

UPND remains committed to ensuring an enabling environment for business to thrive and it is within our vision that marketeers, bus and taxi drivers are provided with safe, clean, adequate and alternative trading places.

In view of that; we call on Lusaka residents to go flat out and campaign for our candidate, Kangwa Chileshe.

We are confident that UPND will clean the city and bring about law and order, sanity and development as opposed to land grabbing and all kinds of illegal and unlawful activities as is the case now.

Fellow Lusaka residents; do not tire, the Lusaka mayoral election is a blessing to all of us so that we can begin experiencing a new journey full of hope and Kangwa Chileshe is our torch bearer.

Trust us, we will through our mayor, Kangwa Chileshe work for you. We truly believe in service to you our people and not unto ourselves.

God Bless our country!


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