HH campaigns in villages as Sata orders electrification of Chongwe villages

President Michael Sata has ordered Lusaka province permanent Secretary Charity Mwansa to immediately electrify all villages in Chongwe district.

President Sata made the order in Chogwe Thursday afternoon when he was campaigning for  Sylvia Masebo. Sata held a rally at Chongwe boma.

And UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has urged the people of Chongwe to reject Masebo and her PF parners saying they have nothing to offer.

Hichilema who was also in the same area as president Sata wondered why the people of Chongwe should recycle Masebo when she has done nothing for the are.

Hichilema held different rallies various areas of Nkhomesha, Ati York, Kapete and Mpango.

Hichilema was campaigning for the UPND/MMD candidate Adrian Bauleni.

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