HH campaigns in Senga Hill

UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema on Saturday told Chozi residents to vote for his candidate Giles Yamba Yamba  for Senga Constituency.

Chozi Township is situated between Nakonde and Mbala Districts but is closer to Nakonde than to Mbala. The majority of residents earn a living by selling merchandise to passengers travelling on TAZARA’s Mukuba, Kilimanjaro and the Zambia Railways’ Chambeshi Passenger train.

Hichilema and Yambayamba landed in Chozi around 15 hours immediately after which HH told the residents that the Patriotic Front under the leadership of Edgar Lungu has failed the people of Chozi and Zambia at large.

He condemned the pathetic economic policies of the PF government, which has rendered the kwacha worthless

Hichilema said that the suffering the people of Chozi were going through was common to the whole country and caused by poor leadership at national level. Hichilema said that with good leadership in place, Zambia would be the envy of the continent. He repeated his contention that Zambia’s poverty is attributable to poor, visionless leadership. He said that with a small population of 15 million, a government run by competent officials can easily forecast and plan ahead and avoid hunger, load shedding, shortages of medicines and make sure all children attend school. Hichilema said there is a lot of money in Zambia but that people in government do not know how to manage the affairs but just know how to borrow and steal.

Hichilema said there is no reason for any person in Zambia to go hungry because there are plenty of resources in Zambia.

He told the people that the kwacha is falling every day because the PF Government has no vision for the country but that Lungu and his ministers do not care and are not affected by the economic hardships because they pay themselves hefty salaries.

He said that once he becomes president, his role would be that of service and not taking from the poor as the PF is doing.

HH also thanked the people of Chozi for the votes he received last January.

“ I want to use this occasion to thank the people of Zambia and you people of Chozi for the wonderful and many votes you gave me and my party UPND. I want to assure you that by the special grace of God, the problems and economic challenges that you my people are facing will be a thing of a past when I come into power in 2016,” said HH.

He told them to double their votes in 2016 in order to shame the PF. He also dismissed as propaganda the information that is being disseminated by PF that once he is given chance to be President; he will divide the nation and create Barotseland.

“The PF Regime is going round the country spreading malicious information that once I become President I will divide Zambia and create Barotseland. I want to put it on record that this news is pure propaganda and should be rejected and dismissed with the contempt it deserves.

‘I can’t and will never allow such an evil thing to happen. As far as I know Zambia is one country that should be governed with one heart of One Zambia One Nation,” added HH.


He asked the residents to ensure that they overwhelmingly vote for UPND MP Yambayamba as a starting point to creating a proper government.


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