HH case resumes in court

HH case resumes in court

The case in which UPND leader Hakainde is facing trumped up charges of treason resumed in the magistrate court Thursday morning.

Lawyer Nellie Mutti takes tenderred apology on the non availability of State counsel Vincent Malambo and Robert Simeza but that in due course will join team.

She further told the magistrate that more lawyers namely Gilbert Phiri and Mwale from PNP chambers have joined team of defence.

Nellie Mutti goes on to inform court that properties phones and vehicles were seized by police from accused without seizure warranty.
Court is Futher informed that the police are now being used by the police in their operations without the accused consent.

Prosecutor interjects saying those properties are kept as exhibits.

Lawyer Keith Mweemba takes told court that defence is happy that state has conceded that the state is possession of accused property without any seizure notice


Lawyer Gilbert Phiri Informed the court that what the police did was an illegality not be condoned.
That they will be no seizure of private property without a seizure warranty..
Defence demanded  to see seizure warranty.
And that failure to do so by the state, defence will commernce criminal proceedings against the the police


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