HH causes stir at Teta’s burial

ZAMBIA-VOTE-NOMINATIONWild cheering by mourners at the burial place of Benny Tetamashimba greeted UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema when he arrived.

Tetamashimba has been buried in Mutanda village about 40 kilometers from Solwezi district.

The burial procession was peaceful with various speakers lined up. The speakers included Mukonde Lungu representing the Speaker, MMD chairman Michael Mabenga and president Banda who was scheduled to give his speeech around 15 hours.

President Banda arrived in the village with former president Fredrick Chiluba and his wife Regina using a ZAF plane.

The arrival of Hakainde Hichilema temporarily set the process in confusion as mourners rushed to his motor cade waving UPND symbols and shouting ‘HH’,  ‘HH’.

Mutanda is a village and at Teta’ ‘farm’ tents were erected for various dignitaries which inclued miltary and police chiefs.

A day before Teta died, UPND deputy secretary general Chibwe announced that the UPND will soon have 23 MPs from the curent 22.

He did not elaborate but UPND considers North-Western province their strong hold.

Like the Kasama Central, the bye-election in Solwezi which has been created by the death of Teta will be very hot.

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