HH challenges Sata to a live TV debate on subsidies

UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has challenged President Michael Sata to feature on a live television debate with him on the merits and demerits of subsidies on essential commodities.

Mr. Hichilema said a debate with President Sata would help settle the debate on the removal of subsidies.
“I want him to face me on national TV and radio and we debate this issue conclusively. They cannot continue cheating people that this subsidy removal was meant to benefit the poor people. This is part of the lies,” Mr. Hichilema said.

He told a media briefing in Lusaka today that the UPND leadership is ready to debate the issue with other PF leaders.

“We want Mr. Kabimba to square it off with Mr. Kapita or with Dr. Banda here and see who will convince the Zambians,” Mr. Hichilema said.

He observed that the Ministers and their Deputies who have been dispatched across the country to explain the issue of subsidies are gobbling millions of Kwacha.

Mr. Hichilema maintained that subsidies are a permanent fixture of any economy world over.

“Subsidies are a necessary cost. They help repair the distortions that are inherent in any economy. There are always people that cannot just be employed due to factors such as disabilities and those people need to be helped through subsidies.”

He added, “I lived in the UK myself, I worked and studied in Birmingham and London and the poor people there get unemployment benefits. These things are everywhere.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Hichilema has confirmed that nine UPND members died in a road traffic accident at Kavaramanja near Feira last evening.

He said the party is touched by the loss of lives and extended condolences to the families of the dead members.

The UPND press briefing also observed a meeting of silence in honour of the deceased.


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    SON OF A GUN 5 years

    Good idea HH but be careful because unlike before, this time my dear there will be urine all over the studio, so maybe you should prepare enough to go there with an umbrella!!

    No more vernom my friend just liquid urea!!

    Why do you think the party symbol is a boat……so that you can sail through the urine dam.

  • comment-avatar
    Bena cishi 5 years

    This must be a learned person. Let us hope all will see the moon you are pointing at and not just your finger you are using to point at the moon.

  • comment-avatar
    nyambe 5 years

    thats why zambians are dependand on hand outs with this kind of thinking. teach a man to catch fish so that he can feed himself for life instead of giving him fish for he will surely be knocking on your door the next day for more fish from you

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    kuyafe epo chishele 5 years

    Chigaga at the airport and Mundia Nalumino at Romania no chance to explain.

  • comment-avatar
    kuyafe epo chishele 5 years

    Be ware HH. Others are already under ground no chance even to tell their next of kin how they were cleared. FTJ and Levy basopu.

  • comment-avatar
    Kafulamuchembwe 5 years

    Are we ready for presidential bye elections? the preident may not withstand the presure of being told the truth and may have a major heart attack, you cant debate with a man like him, he can try to throw punches even when he knows he is too old. that d be too embarrasing and may even order for an arrest for assault. people already knows and are feeling and will continue feeling the impact of the subsidies removal..