HH, Chitunda tell Kabwe residents to dump old, tired leaders

ALL Peoples Congress Party (APC) says Hakainde Hichilema must be given chance to take the leadership of Zambia if the country is to experience real economic progress.

And UPND president Hakainde  Hichilema has told Kabwe residents that voting for old, tired leaders who were in government even in the 1950s will not develop Zambia.
Addressing thousands of Kabwe residents at the UPND public rally Friday afternoon, APC acting president Agness Chitunda said Zambians are tired with the behavior of tired and old politicians’ who have ruled the nation since the 1950s.
Chitunda said it is disappointing that old and experienced politicians in the ruling Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) have resorted to insulting and name calling of opponents at the expense of
delivering national development to the people.
“Talema nazo nkote, we are tired of old men, Rupiah Banda was in UNIP since 1960s together with Sata, Rupiah went to the Foreign Service and Sata joined the MMD what change have these people brought? So why voting them back when they have failed to deliver economic growth of
the nation?” asked Chitunda.
She said her party since the demise of Ken Ngondo decided to work with the United Party for National Development because it is the only political party with a manifesto that will deliver development and
economic growth to the people of Zambia.
“We sat as a party and looked at all the major manifestoes and decided to work with the UPND because its manifesto has a good plan for Zambians and moreover young people in the nation and it is the only acceptable document which fit the people of Zambia,” she said.
Chitunda informed Kabwe residents that voting for President Rupiah Banda will be a waste of time and votes because he has been rejected in Eastern province where he (President Banda) claims to hail from.
“I am from Chipata where President Banda comes from, the Chwe, Chwe, thing is not there. People have rejected the president and it will be embarrassing if we give him a vote here in Kabwe when his home town has completely rejected him together with the MMD,” said Chitunda.
Chitunda has since implored the people of Kabwe to vote for Hichilema and the UPND for national growth, job creation, free education, free farming inputs and good marketing process of the produce and improved health facilities.
And UPND vice president Richard Kapita said his party did not hate old people but they must rest and leave room for young people to do some of the things they did not do well.
“As the UPND we don’t hate these old guys what we are saying is that they are old and they must rest, let them leave room for young people to govern, are they telling us that they have not seen the wind of
change? UK has a young Prime Minister David Cameron; USA has a young President Barrack Obama and Russia has a young leader, they must know that things are changing and accept change,” he said.
And Hichilema has reaffirmed the need for real change of the Zambian government to allow a leadership that will responsively address issues of poverty, healthcare and free education for all.
And Hichilema said real change with proper governance which focuses on issues that affect the people of Zambia will not be attained especially if old and recycled politicians continue to govern.
“I have to thank you for coming. I know that there is hunger in your homes due to poor policies by the MMD government, Children have stopped going to school because of poor leadership the MMD is
offering, there is no medicine in hospitals but you have decided to come and be with us here, I thank you,” said Hichilema while addressing a public rally in Kabwe this afternoon.
He said in order to resolve problems the people of Zambia are facing people must seek for honest and reliable leadership which will not turn against their will.
“Voting for old guys will never see the change you want, look at some of these guys they were there in the 1950s in government but just changed when they were not adopted to lead, so what kind of change do you expect from them which they did not do while they were in office?” he asked.
Hichilema said the UPND is determined to bring the development which has eluded Zambia for a long time as a result of greedy and unreliable kind of leadership.


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