HH confronts Lusaka police boss Katanga, declares her corrupt, PF cadre

HH confronts Lusaka police boss Katanga, declares her corrupt, PF cadre

File picture: HH wanring former police IG Francis Kabonde

Opposition UPND president Hakainde Hichilema this afternoon confronted Lusaka Division Commissioner, Charity Katanga, over the brutal force she used against defenseless cadres last week.

Mr. Hichilema arrived at Lusaka Central Police headquarters to meet Ms. Katanga accompanied by scores of UPND supporters.

The Police had trouble controlling UPND supporters who were accompanying their leader in the presence of foreign media BBC, SABC Africa, and e-news channel of Africa.

Others who accompanied the UPND leader are some members of civil society, and his advisors Edwad Mumbi and Douglous Siakalima.

After failing to get a proper explanation from Ms. Katanga, Hichilema declared Commissioner Katanga a PF cadre who should prepare herself for more.

Later Mr. Hichilema, who has just returned from Livingstone for campaigns, drove to Police headquarters to seek an audience with the Inspector General of Police, Stella Libongani.

“I am going to the IG Stella Libongani’s office now, this Commissioner (Katanga) is corrupt and ignorant of both human rights and duties of her office,” Mr. Hichilema said.

At Police Headquaters, Mr. Hichilema and his team of lawyers found the IG had ‘escaped’ after hearing what transpired at Lusaka central.

Later, the UPND leader gave an interview to the foreign media channels and promised to go back tomorrow to meet the IG.

Last week, police officers brutalized UPND youths who wanted to stage a demonstration calling for resignation of embattled DPP Mutembo Nchito.

The youths who had given a seven days notice to the police to stage the demonstration were beaten by the police who claimed they had no permit.

Several organisations, including the Human Rights Commission have condemned the handling of the demonstration by the police.

Earlier this morning, Commissioner Katanga said the opposition UPND would not succeed in intimidating her or the police.

Katanga said she did not order the police to beat up peaceful protesters last week.

She was quoted by Radio Phoenix saying she only ordered the police to apprehend the protesters but that when she got to the scene, she found the police beating the protesters. She claimed it was her who stopped the beatings.

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