HH could accept alliance with MMD if he gets key positions

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema could accept to partner with the ruling MMD if he is guaranteed the position of vice president and the ministry of Finance, Intelligence sources have disclosed to the Watchdog.
But sources say vice president George Kunda and former minister of information Vernon Mwanga are against the idea and are working to frustrate the alliance from taking off.
Highly placed sources have explained that Vernon Mwaanga is involved in the preliminary negotiations, but that he is not sincere because he and his uncle, deputy minister in the office of the vice president Daniel Munkombwe have promised the MMD that they can deliver the provinces which UPND control.
Intelligence sources say president Banda is in favour of the alliance and has sanctioned the negotiations but that vice president George Kunda fears for his position and is actively working to frustrate it.
Kunda, sources say, has ‘recruited’ education minister Dora Siliya and lands minister Peter Daka to oppose the alliance. The two have been picked because they are part of president Banda’s inner circle and could influence the president.
The MMD officials opposed to the alliance are advising the party that Hichilema is inexperienced and therefore not suitable for the vice presidency.
Last week, Siliya advised Hichilema to stand as an MP so that he can get some experience.
Sources say that, when the UPND was in an alliance with the Patriotic Front, the MMD had intelligence information that the pact presidential candidate would be Michael Sata and therefore agreed to focus their attacks on Sata. But Vice president Kunda knew all along that the pact between UPND and PF was not going anywhere and that the MMD would seek alliance with the UPND. So the vice president focused his attacks on Hichilema knowing that if the alliance worked, his position is threatened.
“George Kunda has to give way to HH which he knew many months ago and for this reason; he attacked HH relentlessly and usually without cause. The man to attack was Sata who was likely to become presidential candidate of the pact. But Kunda knew that the alliance wouldn’t work and HH’s destination would be the MMD”, explained one source.
Sources could not disclose who the contact persons in the UPND are but said Hichilema will only come to the negotiating table if he is guaranteed the position of Vice president and that his party takes the ministry of Finance, so that he can implement his economic policies.
One reason given for the collapse of the PF/UPND pact was failure by the parties to harmonise manifestos on economic policies.
Hichilema, according to sources, believes that his political influence is at its highest level and believes he controls Southern, Western, North-Western, Central provinces and that he would get huge chunks of votes from Lusaka and Copperbelt rural.
Speaking of Vernon Mwanga, one source said: “Mwanga is already ensuring that the potential alliance between HH and RB does is frustrated. He is involved in some discussions but he is telling MMD that HH is unsuitable for VP position because he is inexperienced.’
Vernon Mwanga, say sources, fears that if the alliance succeeds, his relevance to the MMD will diminish because he has been surviving on lying that he can deliver provinces that UPND control.

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