HH demands release of Barotse freedom fighters

UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema demanded that the detained Barotse activists who were arrested by police for tearing copies of the draft constitution be granted bail because it is their constitutional right.

Speaking in Mongu Tuesday, the opposition  leader who is touring the province noted that denying the activists bail is trampling on both their constitutional and natural rights.

Hichilema said the activists were not supposed to be arrested for exercising their freedom of conscious aand that the draft constitution is not yet law but just a piece of paper on which views of people are written.

He sided with the action by the arrested barotse activists and demanded that they be released from jail because they are prisoners of conscious.

The UPND President has accused the PF government of trying to return the country to a one-party state. He expressed excitement at the welcome given to him by people in the region.

Hichilema who has been denied permit to hold any public rally by police  in the region was this morning scheduled to pay a courtesy call on the Litunga of Barotseland Imwiko Lubosi the second. He will later feature on a live radio discussion on Mongu’s Oblate Radio Liseli around 19:00 hours according to UPND officials.

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