HH deserves respect not ridicule

HH deserves respect not ridicule

By Emmanuel Chilekwa writes

We have always called him a bitter, selfish man with a short hand. He’s Zambia’s 2nd most powerful, most stable man at politics, political trials and the most ballot tested – arrested several times, lost a couple of times but still going strong, let’s give him kudos for that level of tenacious consistent resilience against ridicule and commitment.

Just on HH’s pronouncement of hunger, the British government is reported to be donating £1,000,000 about K16,518,100 to avert the hunger situation.

So if HH is guilty of treason, then surely, our government must extend such
charges to the Queen of England and nab PM Borris Johnson for tampering with our sovereignty, breaking diplomatic etiquette and listening to an opposition party leader when government had not wanted their help. If we have guts, let Zambia even deport the British envoy for convincing his government to help the starving Zambians.

Its sad that our government is quick to spend $42million on fire tenders and $20.5 million to import power for 30 days but too slow, too reluctant to state the actual ground situation of hunger affecting its people. Wrong inhumane upside down priorities.

HH has heard the people’s cries and desires and he has said OK let me also start helping the people.

Alas, we still don’t want him to help. We have said HH ni wa kaso maningi. But now the man is playing to meet people’s desires, we still don’t want him to help. He offers to sink boreholes, we don’t want, he offers to provide gen sets, we blast him to go do it in Monze.

We have now become masters directing him what to do, who to help, when, how and where to go and how much he should help. I wished we were directing other politicians the way we are doing it on HH.

I have not heard anyone stopping one great minister Bowman Lusambo donating tonnes of mealie meal, cooking oil and all to wherever, even to areas where Bowman is not the MP.

We have seen our cherished Tasila donate all sorts of things – from school shoes to boreholes to infrastructure, no one talks.

We have seen ruling party cadres donate tons of food, its OK, but let HH do it then all hell breaks loose.

HH pronounces that the country is facing hunger, someone says that’s treason he should be locked up.

OK, what do we want HH to do so that we are happy with him?

Reminds me of the hatred Chanda Chimba III had on late Michael Sata.

If I had a way, I could have recommended that we stop calling ourselves a Christian nation – our pungent hatred against one another is at another evil level because we are behaving like righteous Pharisees and teachers of the Law in Jesus: time.

If it’s only right for HH to help his village mates and not anyone in Lusaka, don’t we still label him as being tribal, ethnic and none national fit to help everyone?

Even the Bible says, of what good is it to help only those who love you? As a Christian nation, we are commanded to love and help our adversaries.

Those close to HH should even encourage him to donate foodstuffs and all to Kasama, Mansa, Chipata and go to Kabushi constituency and put water and sewer lines there.

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