HH dismisses as trivial Southern province secession talks

HH dismisses as trivial Southern province secession talks

hhUPND leader Hakainde Hichilema says he is not aware of anyone in Southern province planning to secede from Zambia. Commenting on president Edgar Lungu’s hallucinations that the Lwindi ceremony was turned into a secession movement, HH said he attended the said ceremony but he didn’t hear anyone talk about secession.

HH said he has also never commented on PF CEO Davis Chama’s insults to Tongas as he regards the topic as trivial.

HH issued the following statement:


Fellow countrymen and women,

We are once again back to trivia debates that are totally unproductive like we have wrongly done so in the past at the expense of focusing on real issues that are currently affecting our nation.

I personally have never seriously commented on the trivia issue of Davies Chama because I don’t believe that’s the way to preoccupy ourselves at the expense of serious national issues.

I was personally at Lwiindi traditional ceremony in Monze and proceeded for another one at Chief Mukuni’s Palace in Livingstone and at no time did I ever hear any debate about people of Southern Province intentions to secede from the rest of Zambia. Perhaps I missed something very important there.

But the point is that as long as we keep preoccupying ourselves with trivia and unproductive debates, we are really doomed as a nation.

Let’s not divert our attention from what should be real issues that we need serious solutions as a united country.

We need to put our heads together and find solutions on why we are accruing huge debts as a country when we have the capacity to locally generate resources and create employment for our people, especially mainly the majority jobless youths. That’s what should be preoccupying us.

The debate should be how we avoid closures at institutions of higher learning such as CBU, UNZA, Evelyn Hone, and others.

And of course the huge debate should be the current massive and highly inconveniencing Zesco loadshedding and why we could not foresee such a national disaster. This is what should be keeping our heads spinning looking for answers. As a businessman myself, I’m agonising how production levels in the country have gone down with people being laid off as a result of loss of business due to loadshedding.

I’m thinking of that woman who cooks in the market and how they will meet their rentals, pay for domestic bills and survive because they have not been able to generate enough income. The small business people owning barbershop, welding machines, electric hammer mills, irrigation systems etc. Big businesses such as mining houses that have now been told to cut their electricity consumption by 30 percent and obviously that will mean reducing production and laying off workers. That’s what should preoccupy us instead of diverting attention to trivia issues based on malice, and pure lies.

Just yesterday we were told government has finally cancelled KCM permit to bring toxic copper concentrate substances all the way from Chile and that it should be shipped back to that country now. The debate should be where was the entire government machinery when these toxic and harmful substance were being imported thousands of kilometres away until it found itself on the Copperbelt only to now realise it is dangerous and must be taken back?

Since we have developed the propensity to travel around the world, one would have thought by now we should be sending a serious delegation to Kenya and learn how they have attracted massive foreign investment in wind power electricity generation under the Public Private Partnerships (PPP) which will be one of the biggest in entire Africa. That’s what should be enriching our debate as a country with serious leadership.

Majority of people currently originating from Southern and indeed other provinces are residing all over various parts of the country and happily married everywhere for them to think of such trivia issues as seceding.

One would have thought if there were such intentions they would not have entertained the Choma declaration that brought about One Party State at the time perhaps it was even more volatile.

My worry is we are lost as a nation if we keep ignoring and don’t address serious issues of even denouncing violence by gun trotting cadres in the streets.

Please may we debate on the ever rising cost of living and the Kwacha is again fast falling against major world currencies standing at K7.7 to $1 and rising inflation etc.

Have a productive day and God bless.


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