HH does not need to recognise Lungu

HH does not need to recognise Lungu

UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema does not need to recognize Edgar Lungu as president, there is neither justification nor any compelling reason. We however must say that the decision to either recognize Lungu or not as president is for HH and his party. But we certainly have our views which we shall share without let or hindrance.

We are alive to the fact that Lungu has released HH from jail in anticipation of recognition. After rigging elections, Lungu would do anything to legitimatize his theft of votes. One of the desperate things Lungu did to force recognition is to jail an innocent man, for close to five months. It is Satanic.

HH was thrown in jail for refusing to recognize Lungu. Period. He has been released from prison because Lungu believes he will recognize him. Period.

We understand a deal was clinched between Lungu and HH, courtesy of the Commonwealth. We further understand that this deal entails HH forgetting about the fraudulent 2016 elections but focusing to the 2021 polls. It requires HH to recognize Lungu or as the judge who ‘freed’ him said ‘you can be arrested again anytime for this same offence.’ Lungu’s only concession is to release HH from jail.   He will benefit from being recognized as president and having his fraudulent elections endorsed by HH.

We find this deal stupid, foolish and idiotic.

There is actually no deal him. What we see is only one thing: forcing HH to recognize Lungu as president.

We will tell you what this is. It is racketeering. It is also blackmail.  Racketeering is the act of offering a dishonest service to solve a problem that wouldn’t otherwise exist without the enterprise offering the service. Simply put, you deliberately create the problem, then offer a solution, with benefits to yourself. This is what Lungu did.


Assume HH was not jailed, was he going to recognize Lungu? Who jailed HH? Is it not Lungu? Here is the racket: Lungu caused HH to be jailed. Then when he saw that HH has suffered enough and probably weakened, he invited the Commonwealth to come and intervene and offer a solution to HH’s problems. Who is the only beneficiary here if not Lungu?


But we salute the commonwealth for trying to rescue an innocent man from the jaws of sick dictator.

This is also a pure case of blackmail. Most normal people know what blackmail is. It is  the  act of getting money from people or forcing them to do something by threatening to tell a secret of theirs or to harm them.

Can you just imagine where and how HH was seated when this ‘deal’ was clinched? In a dirty, congested Mukobeko prison cell with prison warders hovering over him. He had not slept well the previous night due to congestion in his cell. He probably had not eaten or had just feasted on beans cooked four days earlier. They were most likely telling him such things:

“We think this is good deal. Please take it! If you don’t, you will remain in jail.’ Did you bath today by the way?’ You don’t deserve to be in here. You have suffered enough.’ ‘Your businesses are suffering and the UPND needs you out there.’

Meanwhile, Lungu was seated in unimaginable comfort and probably receiving a massage when the commonwealth team returned to give him feed back from the prisoner

Like Nelson Mandela said, any deal or contract entered into under such circumstances is null and void. A person in jail can not be said to have entered into a contract or ‘deal’ with his free will. If HH agreed to recognize Lungu as president while in jail, it was not out of his free will. He was under duress. Duress is threats, violence, constraints, or other action used to coerce someone into doing something against their will or better judgement.


A prisoner lacks the capacity to make an informed decision and therefor to make valid consent. Among other things, true consent requires that the person consenting must be be free from any duress.


We do not know if HH agreed to recognize Lungu as president, but if he did, he only accepted in fact but not in law. To accept in law (valid consent) requires absence of duress or threats. Being in jail is in itself enough to qualify as a threat and therefore to force someone to say ‘yes’ just to win physical freedom.

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